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Angelman Syndrome
ApoE and Alzheimer's Disease
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Neurobiology of Learning & Memory Laboratory

Byrd Alzheimer's Institute
4001 E. Fletcher Ave.
Tampa, FL 33613

Phone (813) 396-9984
Fax     (813) 905-8862

Welcome to the USF Neurobiology of Learning & Memory Laboratory website

The primary focus of research in our laboratory is to develop a detailed understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in learning and memory and apply these insights to develop new treatments for cognitive disorders. Current efforts center on Alzheimer's, Angelman Syndrome, and schizophrenia among others.

Using a wide variety of experimental techniques, we investigate learning and memory at multiple levels of analysis. These include studies of molecular cascades underlying experience-dependent changes in neuronal function, electrophysiology within brain structures that support learning and memory, and how alterations in brain function through pharmacologic or genetic means affect behavior reflecting learning and memory.

To learn how you can support the research conducted within the Neurobiology of Learning & Memory Laboratory
contact our development officer, Daniel Minor at (813) 396-0731 or for more information.

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